Vehicle Wraps for Businesses

What are vehicle wraps?

A car wrap is a graphic vinyl or decal. This graphic vinyl is applied over the original car paint of the car. The vehicle being wrapped is a way of changing its appearance. This vehicle wrap can also removed and then it can be changed to the original color of the car which would be underneath. This would only be if it’s necessary.

Differences of a Partial and Full Vehicle Wrap

Partial vehicle wraps cover up only the important parts of the vehicle. On the other hand, full vehicle wraps cover up the entire car. With full vehicle wraps the windows can also be wrapped with perforated vinyl. The top of the roof isn’t necessarily wrapped because they are not easily seen.

How long can vehicle wraps last?

If the vehicle is being taken care of, the wraps can stay on the vehicle for 5-7 years. They might also be able to last a little longer if they are properly taken care of.

Can Vehicle Wraps Damage the Paint Underneath?

The wrap would not be able to damage the paint underneath. The vinyl would usually protect the paint from the weather or sun. I you remove the vinyl correctly then there will be no residue or damaging on the original paint. If the original paint is already in a bad condition when wrapped expect the paint to be the same.

How are Vehicle Wraps beneficial?

Vehicle wraps can be very beneficial when it comes to business wraps. They are very beneficial because if you wrap your car with the logo of your business then you can easily advertise your company wherever you go. This will also make you original paint stay the same without being damaged.

Looking through a vehicle wrap window

Yes, you would still be able to look through the windows. In order for you to be able to look through the widows the vinyl would be perforated with very small holes that would allow you to see out. If viewed from the inside of the car the windows won’t have any difference than a regular window. If it’s viewed from the outside then you would be able to notice the graphic.

Can Vehicle Wraps have some Wrinkles or Bubbles?

Vehicles wraps can end up having some bubbles or wrinkles which would be normal. The bubbles or wrinkles would normally appear on round parts of the car. If the surface is flat then it would be less likely for there to be any type of bubbles or wrinkles. These vehicle wrap bubbles can be reduced with many techniques.

Preparing your Car for the Wrap

The car should be clean from the exterior. It should be clean so that the oils, dust, wax, mud, or any other product that might prevent the vinyl from adhering to the car. This means that the cars surface would need to be smooth in order for the installation of the vinyl to be successful.

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