Process essays, known more prevalently as “how-to essays” are popular essays used for companies and products that require tutorials or a learning process. Whether it’s installing a detachable cabinet or making a chocolate cake with a new oven, process essays use a similar style of writing with only minute deviations.

They proceed in a step-by-step fashion, with the first paragraph serving as a prelude to the second, which impacts the third, and so on. Each stage is important in its own right, and an incorrect or incomplete explanation of one step might derail the entire process. That’s why it is imperative to be clear and efficient.

This article not only teaches you how to write a process essay but also offers some process essay topics ideas. So, stay tuned, and let’s begin.

What is a process essay?

Like a process essay, the first thing to tackle in this post will be its definition. A process essay discusses an activity or a set of actions step-by-step, providing instructions for the entire process, functioning mechanism, and methods.

Writing a process essay may be as basic as writing directions for using a washing machine or as challenging as writing a chemistry lab report on an oxidative reaction experiment. Whatever the case, a process paper’s objective is always to provide its readers with proper knowledge and directions.

Standard process essay outline

Most essay outlines follow the standard three-part structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. The process essay is no different. However, it includes several clearly outlined paragraphs in its body to chronologically represent each process. Let’s take a look below.

Here’s the process analysis essay outline:

  • Introduction

Here, you inform your reader about your topic and how you intend to present the process description.

  • Body

The body of your essay should be separated into paragraphs for easy comprehension and organisation. Using connective words and phrases to ensure that each paragraph flows seamlessly into the next.

The first step or process should be in the first paragraph. Explain the process, the best method to accomplish it, and how to prevent mishaps when performing it.

The procedure continues in the following paragraph, explaining the rest parts of what the process entails.

  • Conclusion

You must explain why your steps are important in this section. This is your chance to persuade your audience that the steps you showed would benefit them in the future.

Note: in a process analysis essay, every step differs. Some can be only a few minutes, while others can take hours or even days to complete. What stays the same, though, is the writing structure.

How to write a process essay: step-by-step guide

Writing a process essay is not a tedious task. A well-structured essay can be realised by following easy regulations and a specific structure. Here’s how to write a great process essay:

  1. Prepare all your ideas beforehand

This process is self-explanatory. This also goes without saying that understanding your essay topic is a must. Keep in mind each step and its order before you proceed with writing.

  1. Write out each step beforehand

An entire process can not be completed if a step is skipped. Hence it is ideal for writing out every step so you will remember all when writing your essay.

  1. Write based on the audience’s skill level

It’s vital to base the difficulty of your process essay on who the readers will be. This can make or break the reception of your written work. Learn to simplify your essay when necessary and vice versa.

  1. Make a list of essentials

Usually, with process essays, some steps come with prerequisites. Whether it’s items or tools, you need to know them beforehand to help you better explain each procedure to the reader.

Best 20 process essay topics for students

Choosing a topic for a process essay may come with some difficulty. So, focus your topic choices on your interests. If you choose a topic that interests you, you can make it more intriguing and enjoyable to read about for your readers. Below are examples of process analysis essay topics.

General process analysis essay topics

  1. How to win a game of patience
  2. How to lose weight naturally and quickly
  3. How to find the perfect Christmas tree
  4. How to gain academic scholarships for college
  5. How to make the best ice cream
  6. How to become a great writer
  7. How to break bad habits for good
  8. How to make your first paper plane
  9. How to survive inflation in a country
  10. How to build relationships with your employees successfully

Process essay topics for college students

College process essay topics span various aspects of difficulty. You have to ensure your topic relates to your study and adhere to institutional guidelines.

  1. How to master time management in college
  2. How to figure out the subjects to take in your first year
  3. How to start making videos on YouTube
  4. How to improve your grades
  5. How to cut off social media distractions
  6. How to apply for college internships
  7. How to set your career path after college
  8. How to write a college thesis
  9. How to prepare for your first college paper
  10. How to manage stress and college schedules


It’s important to note that process essay topics require impeccable structure and organisation. By following the tips and using some topic examples we’ve provided in this guide, writing your first process essay should be as easy as a walk in the park!

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