Writing an essay about a book might sound difficult, but it isn’t. All it takes to do it right and well is understanding what it takes. To write a good essay about a book, one must read the book carefully, noting key themes and phrases. The reader also has to possess solid analytical and fiction writing processing skills.

However, if you don’t have these skills, it may be easier to get book essay writings done by professionals. This is because there are many essay writing services where you can pay professionals to get it done.

But, what if you do not have the funds for this option at the time? What do you do then?

This is why you should learn how to get your book essay writing done yourself. Also, it will stand you in good stead in the future. Yes, it will sharpen your analytical skills, report-writing prowess, and reading skills. This article will teach you how to mention a book in an essay properly to score top marks.

Tips on how to write an essay about a book: preparing for the essay

Below are simple steps to follow to guide you on how to start an essay about a book:

  1. Select the book the essay will be about. Many go for books that they have yet to read. However, many academic and professional experts (including teachers) recommend that the best book to choose should be your favorite book. Familiarity suggests the student is conversant and well-acquainted with the selected book. This will make it easier to work on and allow the student to express personal thoughts about the book.
  2. Before starting, develop a rough draft that comprises an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  3. Next, write out anything (phrases, quotes, ideas) that stick out and make the book memorable for you.
  4. Finally, write a short, simple review of the book in general. Write the review like you would write it for your favorite teacher or friend. Use your favorite words.

How to develop a good essay on a book: you need to answer these questions first

To develop good book essay writing, you need to be able to answer these questions:

  • Who wrote this book, and what is the book’s title?
  • What is the book all about?
  • Are there any major characters in the book, and who are they?
  • Did you develop any questions while and after reading the book? What are those questions?
  • Do you like the book? Why?
  • Would you tell others about the book?
  • What effect(s) did the book have on you?

You must answer these questions to help your analysis and writing and deliver a job everyone would admire.

Writing the essay proper: steps to take

The matter of book essay writing is a process, which means it has steps and stages. Below are the steps involved in writing a book essay:

  • Selecting a topic for your essay. Remember to put the book title in essay.
  • Preparation to write
  • Developing a writing plan
  • Structuring your writing/essay according to the pre-listed requirements.

Other things to note

Having developed outlines and drafts for your essay, you are almost done with your essay writing; it needs finishing up. Book essay writing involves pouring all your feelings into your words and ensuring readers feel the same way.

  • For your intro, bring in the plot and key happenings but not completely, to water your readers’ appetite. This would also make them do their reading, too. You can mention your favorite parts and explain why those parts are memorable to you.
  • For the main part of the essay (body), you should write your thoughts and opinions of the book. It would help if you mentioned what indelible mark it left on you. For example, if the book is not your favorite, you can state exactly why you chose it.
  • To conclude, write a great summary. This should be a summary of the book itself rather than a continuation of the article. It should also contain reasons why you recommend the book to others.


Writing a college essay about a book can be very interesting, especially when you create enough time to write them. Since you’re talking about a book in an essay, it’s all about the feelings the book elicits in you. Happy writing!

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