Writing argumentative essays is an interesting process where a writer takes one side of a debate. Most importantly, the writer should argue with facts and not based on their current emotions and feelings concerning the topic. Argumentative essay topics are drawn from different fields. It could be a historical event, current affairs or anything of interest among scholars. Therefore, your work is to take a side and support it with credible facts and information.

When writing an argumentative essay, it is important to gather enough knowledge about the chosen topic. You will need to gather enough information if you want to make a strong case in your writing. There is no right or wrong side to take. The most important thing to do is to make a strong and valid case based on factual information. Your ability to win the attention and persuade your audience to agree with you is what counts in writing an argumentative essay.

Help with argumentative essay topics

There are different types of topics to write about when it comes to making arguments. You are not limited in any way and your topic could be drawn from unique backgrounds. Here are some of winning argumentative essays that you can write about:

  1. Online learning is better than conventional schooling
  2. Students should be allowed to choose what they want to study
  3. Sports and curricular activities are of equal importance
  4. It’s better to be a service provider than a product developer
  5. Technology is good for learning
  6. Children should be allowed to play video games for their growth
  7. Parents should let their babies feed when they want
  8. Ships and better cargo transporters than aircraft
  9. Skills are better than experience
  10. Politics should be defined by the people for the people

How to develop your argument

An essay is usually defined by three main sections: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. As a writer, you should endeavor to bring out your argument clear and easy to understand. Readers are looking for further clarification and analysis of content. Therefore, you would do a good job to develop a good argument based on facts. Most importantly, there should be a flow in your writing.

Here are important things to do to develop a sound argument:

  • Introduce your topic. As you prepare to write your essay, remember to have a general overview of the topic without taking any sides. At the end of the introduction, you can now introduce your thesis statement. This is where you state the side you will be taking in your writing.
  • Argue with facts. Regardless of whatever side you take, always argue using facts and information from credible sources. This will be a great approach to making a meaningful argument.

Final Advice

Your success in writing argumentative essays relies on your knowledge of the given topics. Therefore, it will help you a lot if you take the time to study and read extensively before getting started with your writing. Every argument point should be backed up by research.

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