Window graphics for your privacy and shade at home

What window graphics do for homes

For home owners who live in especially cold or especially warm climates, static cling window films provide additional insulating relief. This will keep out summer heat and keep in winter heat inside. Rather than using a slightly-gray film you should use some colorful window graphics to add creativity to your room.

Examples of window graphics

For example, our rear window graphics and storefront window graphics are perforated to allow people to see out. This will also decrease the visibility looking in. This will help with privacy in offices and some retail locations that may actually require some extra security. You could use this perforated film on your windows rather than drapes. You can still let in the natural light from outside. This won’t stop you from having some privacy but it will stop you from shutting the drapes.

Big windows with graphics

Create an image where you have large picture windows. Then imagine the window with graphics printed that are reminiscent of a church’s stained glass windows. When the morning or evening light strikes,the effect can be breathtaking. This means that your window graphics will also reduce the harsh summer sunlight. Some people might need to close the drapes because the sun is too hot. This would not be an issue anymore because the graphics would be able to shade the heat. The graphics would still allow the sun to come in and look amazing inside the house.

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