LED Light Signage

Energy Efficiency

High quality LED and fluorescent signage products are both capable of producing in excess of 100 lumens per watt. This means that they will produce a great deal of light while using very little power. This would mean lower monthly energy bills, even if your sign is on for 18 hours a day. Neon lights typically produce between 10 and 60 lumens per watt. What this means is that they require much more power to generate the same amount of light.


There are two separate ways when looking at the durability. How long the product will last, and the typical maintenance costs during its lifetime are the different perspectives. Premium LED lighting products are usually rated to last up to 50,000 hours. If you use the lights for 8 hours of use per day, this means your storefront LED lighting will last over 17 years. There are no tubes that burn out and need replacing.


Fluorescent and neon lights, both of which contain sensitive glass parts that are subject to breakage. Most fluorescent lighting products last from 10,000-20,000 hours before replacement is necessary. They might not function properly in high humidity or extreme temperatures. Neon lights have fragile glass tubes that are filled with low-pressure neon gas. These tubes are susceptible to cracking, and once damaged, must be replaced. For these reasons, neon lighting is the least durable for commercial sign applications.

Light Quality

The LED lighting is mostly known for brightness and clarity. This makes it easy to read at a greater distance or even in direct sunlight. Customization is also easy – LEDs are dimmable, and can easily be programmed or controlled via remote. RGB/multicolor LEDs are now widely available as well, adding dramatic emphasis to your brand image. Neon signs tend to look blurry from far away, and it can be rather expensive to produce neon lights for larger applications.

Why choose LED light signage?

Considering everything, it is clear why most business owners today choose LED lighting for commercial signage. LEDs create bright, direct light that shines evenly across the entire surface of your sign. It will also make it clearly visible from a great distance. Highly efficient technology means you will save on energy and maintenance costs for years to come.

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