Channel letter benefits for your business


What are channel letters known for?

If you’re interested in getting your store noticed, then you’ll definitely want to go the channel letter route. Channel letters are greatly known for having a three dimensional “pop out” appeal. These types of letters are chosen by so many business owners to represent their business. There are various benefits to utilizing channel letters for your signage. Here are just four:

1. They are more visible

Channel letters make it virtually difficult for your business to go unseen. When they are lit up with LED bulbs, channel letter signs can be seen from far distances. This includes at night when it’s really dark. They can either be front lit (where the colorful acrylic facings are lit up). It can also be back lit. This means the light escapes through the colorful acrylic facings and through the open backs of the letters. Halo lit can also be another option to choose from. In this case the fronts of the letters are closed with aluminum but the backs are left open to create a special “glow”.

2. Channel letters save energy

LED lights are remarkably energy efficient. You will also be decreasing the amount of money on energy bills. Usually lit signs are recognized for consuming a lot of energy, thus having high electricity bills for the business owners.

3. They strengthens your brand’s image

Your store would look more professional and prestigious when it has a channel letter sign above its front doors. Some small businesses usually have banners or flat-surface paint jobs to display the names of their stores. The message those business are sending is that they are small in time. We’re not looking to invest that much into our brand imaging. The results those businesses are getting: a declining customer base. With that They aren’t really impressing anyone enough to grow their companies.

4. They provide long-lasting service.

At Milwaukee Threads we manufacture the body of each channel letter from lightweight but sturdy aluminum. The material is rust-proof and not susceptible to insect damage. Aluminum is a great reliable material that also withstands terrible weather conditions. It has even been known to survive fires!

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