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Changing Your Purchase Area for Higher Sales

We have all made last-minute purchases at the checkout counter. A pack of gum, a magazine we may never read, or a bottle of water, these items are strategically placed to capture our attention. The Point of Purchase, or P.O.P., is a great place to promote products or services that your business offers.

Who is your customer and what would they want to see at the checkout?

No matter what you’re selling, whether it’s a product or a new service, knowing what your customers’ needs sets you up for success. What affordable, “quick grab” products would your customer purchase at the checkout counter? What business updates would be most valuable to them? Doctor’s offices often place affiliate pamphlets or additional services offered near their checkout counter. For example, if you’re a dermatologist, you may want to place information on skin care products. You might also offer  services outside of a normal check-up such as facials or acne treatments.

Keep the design unique

The point of purchase area of your business can be a great place to get a customer’s attention. It’s not always easy to hold their attention. A well-designed sign is a guaranteed way to share your message with your audience in an effective way. In order to keep your signage well designed you need to focus on a few key things . Focus on clear messaging and branding, simple graphics or photography, and a prominent call to action (what you want the customer do next).

Where should the P.O.P. display be placed in your store?

P.O.P. display placement is as important as the design and quality of the display or sign itself. If you put it in a poor placement can mean limited views which defeats the purpose altogether. When placing a sign in the point of purchase area, place the sign in a place that doesn’t obstruct the messaging and supports the customer. Signage should be placed in areas where their message makes sense.

Get the point across

A good sign will not leave customers walking away wondering what you were trying to sell them. The messages that you put ou there should be clear, easy to scan and show your unique selling proposition in as few words as possible. Your point of purchase area is usually the last place in your business where you interact with your customer. Once they are out of your establishment, and are happy with what they have, it may be quite some time before they return.

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