Give your Signage a change


Importance of your signage

Your signage represents your brand’s image and the message that you are trying to send. A well-placed, well-designed sign captures the essence and personality of your business.

What makes a good sign?

A number of things come together when creating an effective corporate signage, such as custom color combinations, varying graphic elements. Therefore, there are many amounts of brainstorming with a professional design team and lots of rough drafts and revisions, your perfect logo changes before your eyes. In the future, if your business is still operating and growing, as well, then congratulations! The colors may start to look faded and not as good as it used to be and the design may look outdated.

Business offers

Now your business offers so much more than your original products and services. And while that’s a good thing, your brand may be suffering from an identity crisis due to growing pains. A lot can happen in a few years: Tastes change, technology evolves and industries expand to meet demands. Your business might be all ready for a new look. The top five reasons your sign needs a redesign include:


One of the most predictable things about humans is that they gain new perspectives, get bored with whatever is fashionable and change their minds. Backlash happens; just as winter follows the fall, color combos, fonts and sign styles go in and out of style with trends. New colors appear, making splashy, up-to-the-minute fashions pop. The colors get bolder and more vivid.

Your business might need a different kind of sign

On a medium to large scale, custom pylon signs are durable, freestanding structures. Usually illuminated with fluorescent lamps, a number of options are available to highlight your corporate image. This can go from full color graphics, to neon borders, to LED digital displays or interchanging message boards. Attach a decorative architectural characteristic to your brand and create a distinctive vintage look for your corporate branding. Illuminated awnings, popular with restaurants, bars and other businesses that stay open late. They not only create a warm ambiance, but work to brighten up the area at night.

Sophisticated look

One of the most distinctive ways to set your business apart and create a sophisticated look is with 3D channel letters. Internally illuminated from the back, channel letters make great visual impact. 3D channel lettering is so impressive that you may want to re-brand your entire business to this great level.


Re-branding, a currently fashionable trend witnesses McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Walmart in the process of updating their corporate images. They do this to project cleaner, more contemporary lines, signs and designs.

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