Business staggered flyers

What are staggered flyers?

The staggered flyers are a great way to present your company’s services to future customers. You can combine the staggered cut flyers with a matching presentation folder. This will be for the perfect professional quotation delivery package that will be  guaranteed to impress any client.

How are staggered flyers beneficial?

Staggered flyers are beneficial because they are really good for display and easy to show. They are also beneficial because they will be organized in a way that your marketing can show clear points. This will also give a certain category a flyer with related information. This would be easier to give the customer when they need are looking for certain information.

How many pages can there be?

There can be up to eight pages with information about the services that you are offering. They would be put in different categories which will be easier to look for when the client requests something. If you want a smaller amount of pages you can have three pages.  This would be a great amount because it will still show representation for the staggered flyers.

Options for the presentation folders

There are different options for the presentation folders in which the flyers would be in. The first option would be for the folder to have 2 slits in each pocket. The second option is for the folder to have 2 pockets but only one slit on one of the pockets. The nest option would have 2 pockets with no slits on them. The other option would then be to have one pocket on one of the sides with a slit on it. The last option would be to have one pocket with no slits.

Folder material

The folder material is made with thick paper. The paper to create the folder can be either glossy or matte. This option would be yours to make for your staggered flyers folder. The folder can also be made in different sizes that you might want.

Design and information of the folder

The design of the flyers can be your choice depending on how you want them to look. This will based off from the ideas that you visualize the staggered flyers in. It would be able to resemble and compliment the flyers itself. The flyers and folders can have the same background, just different information. The folder can have the logo and a brief introduction to what it is that you are offering.

Information for the flyers itself

The information for the flyers itself can be made with different categories based on your business. These categories can have all types of information that the customers need to know about. The images on these flyers might of course vary because there will be different types of information. The top of the flyers should also have titles in which they will be visible when put into the folder. This will help you find and show the information faster to the customers so that they don’t wait for long.

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