Outstanding Rack Cards

What are rack cards?

A rack card is a document that contains information that helps you promote what you are selling.This rack card can also help you gain more clients because they might catch their attention when visiting your business. This is a professional way of advertising for your company.

What are rack cards used for?

Rack cards are used to promote what you are offering. You can be able to promote your services or just a product that you company is offering. These rack cards can be very convenient when it comes to hotels, restaurants, landmarks, stores, and any other place that contain customers.

Where do I place my rack cards?

You can place your rack cards at the entrance of the place or area that customers would usually be around. If you have an office, you can place them on top of your work desk. This would be beneficial because when you have a future customer then you can just grab one and show it to them. This might also increase the chance of a future customer. This might also catch their attention because they probably haven’t seen any place that offer your services.

What information do rack cards contain?

The information that rack cards contain are very similar to a brochures information. This includes having images or a slogan that can catch the clients attention. In a rack card you should also add the benefits and features that the product has. Having a logo, company name, and contact information would be the most important to have. These would be the most important to have in a rack card because the incoming customers know who to contact. They will also know what company they are reaching for.

How many rack cards should you start with?

If you are using rack cards for the first time we recommend to start with 1,000 rack cards. If you are choosing to put these on top of tables or counters it would be very beneficial if you add at least two rack cards per tables. This would be great because if clients come they would most like grab one and share that with others that they might know.

Who can I print my rack cards with?

You can most definitely print your rack cards with us. You can count on us to print you rack cards because we are very good when it comes to printing. We would love to meet your expectation that you have for us. We would always be here to support your choices and continue forward with them. Our goal at the end of the day is to meet you goals because we want you to be successful with your business.

What if I don’t have a logo for my rack cards?

If you don’t have a logo we would be able to help you create the best unique logo for your business. With our graphic designer we can always manage to create designs that would come from what you want and what you picture your business to be represented with. All you need to do is give us your ideas and we’ll right away put our input to design the logo. You will love the masterpiece that we create when we are done doing the design.

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