Designed Door Hangers

What are door hangers?

A door hanger is a plastic or cardboard sign that hangs from a door knob. The shape of door hangers are rectangular but they have a circle cut out of the hanger. This circle is cut out at the top of the hanger  in order for door hanger to actually hang on to the door.

What are door hangers used for?

Door hangers are used for many businesses. If you are opening a new business or want to offer your services this would be a great way to start. You would most likely put yourself and your business for success because you will be spreading the word about your business. WHen these door hangers get hanged on the door knobs the people would be most likely to look at them on their way in or out.

Information for the door hangers

Information for the door hangers are very important. If you want to catch the people’s attention then you should most likely get a slogan or a catchphrase. The next thing that you should have would definitely be a logo that represents your company. This logo would represent your business in a way that you can be professionally advertising. When adding information you should be simple and to the point. You don’t want to have them bored and confused when reading and looking at your door hanger. You should also have realistic images about your services. The more realistic the more clients will want to contact you. Contact information should be provided because that is where they will find your information and the address.

Where are door hangers placed?

Door hanger are obviously placed on door knobs. They get put there for better advertising and for marketing. This would be a better opportunity for other people to easily find new businesses that can work for them.

How can they get to other peoples door?

With our company we can get them to others door. We will send them out to to many homes and businesses so that they can be aware about your services. Not only that but the new clients might also spread the word to their close friends or family that are looking for more services.

How many door hangers should I consider getting?

You should consider getting 1000 door hangers. This would be a great amount to start with because they will eventually all be distributed to other houses. This would also be a great start for your business because the more people that are informed the more clients you’ll have.

Benefits of door hangers

With door hangers you can have the benefit of gaining new customers. This is a easy way of gaining new customers from different places. Another benefit of door hangers should be that you will be promoting or marketing your own product to different people. You will spreading the word to others by just having a door hanger be hanged in their door. Door hangers are also beneficial because most people would view your door hanger when they’re leaving or entering their homes.

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