Channel Letters and It’s Business

What are Channel Letter Signs?

A channel letter is a three-dimensional graphic element such as letters, numbers, and other characters that can make a sign presentation for a business. Channel letters can also be created with many different types of fonts, colors, and sizes. You can choose the material for the channel letters such as custom-made metal or plastic.

What are Channel letters used for?

Channel letters are used for business representation. The Channel letter sign can be placed in the exterior of a building. The sign can also be mounted onto walls. Those signs can be used to advertise about a business. When advertising the business with the channel letter sign the business will have a better reputation.

Why Channel letters are better?

Channel letters are better than any other sign because they can be visible from far away. The channel letter signs are high quality and they also make your business look very professional. These type of sign can also last for many years. This would be beneficial because they are created the way that you ask for them. You would also be able to customize your own sign which would be unique from the other competitors.

Front/Back-Lit Channel Letters

This type of channel letter is opaque in the front and it’s illuminated from behind. This illumination gives the channel letter design a negative space effect during the night. The LED gets usually installed in the back and gets covered with a plastic so that it gets protected.

How will they improve your business?

Channel letters can improve your business because they can attract more customers. The reason for that would be the big illuminated sign for your business. The attraction would be greater if the sign can stand out rather than for it just to be simple.

How are channel letters fabricated?

The backs of the channel letters get shaped to the preferred font by being bent. The letter channel also gets cut or marked in order for the shape of the letter to be made. Before they apply the face to the letter they will trim the colored cap. They will then lay the face flat on a table that would have the colored cap trimmed already. Then, nails are pounded into the table around the outside edge of the trim cap or colored cap which will serve to hold it firmly in place next to the face material until the adhesive ha time to set up.

Advantages of channel letters

The channel letters would be appealing to other when viewed from any distance. It’s a great and easy way to advertise your business. The channel letters will also be a better brand and it will show clients what good quality the sign is. They are made with material that can make the design last. You would also be able to conserve energy. Customizing the sign can also be a great advantage because it will be what you think might be best for your business.

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