Monument Signage

Business Monument Signage

What is a monument signage?

Monument signage is a freestanding sign that is low in the ground. These monument signs often contain stonework, but not always. Monument signage is also designed to strengthen your brand or business.

What are monument signs made of?

Monument signs are made out of concrete or hardscape materials. The metal cabinets are made out of routed lighting and backlighting. There can also be dimensional letters in the monument sign.

Customizing the Monument Sign

When customizing the monument sign you should try to match the architectural style of the building. This is important because it can be easier for clients to localize your business by matching the architectural style to the building that they might be looking for. You would also be able to add the font, color, and size for the monument signage based on your desire for better results.

Business improvement based on monument signage

Your business can improve based on your monument signage because it would look more fancy and adequate for a professional business. This will most likely be a great way to promote your business because the building would also be easier to locate since the building and the style of the monument might be similar to each other.

How long does a monument sign last?

A monument sign can last up to 10 years or more. This would depend on the material that you will choose like aluminum, Dibond, Dura-Wood, and ARMOUR-Wood.

Types of monument signage

Digital Display: This type of monument signage provides a more modern and updated look on general designs. Digital displays can be used in many different ways, but it is used more because its modern and it would bring more awareness towards your business.

Reader boards: This type of monument signage is also modern or traditional. This type of monument signage would most likely be used for multiple businesses in a commercial space. This type of signage can also be useful for the customers because they might be used to share a location or guide them where to head. The plaques can be removed in case of any change in your business.

Post and panel signs: This type of monument signage is used for both single and multi-tenant buildings. This sign can be straightforward with what you are trying to bring awareness to. It would be more visible for clients to know where to locate the business.

Architectural freestanding building sign: This type of design are only used for single tenant building. These monument signs can also be illuminated at night so that others can view it. They are also designed for a long term use for the outdoors.

Outdoor directory signage: This type of signage is used for multiple business buildings. This type of signage can be used to inform and reassure the clients where exactly the location is.

Monument signage lettering and information

The lettering for this type of sign can be customized for your preference. It can be different font, color, and size. You would absolutely be able to customize the information because it would be based on your business or company.

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