Light box Signage

Light box Signage

What is light box signage?

Light box signage is an illuminated 3D sign that can be set in the outdoors or indoors. This type of signage can be customized to your preference. This means that you will be able to choose the font, size, and color for your sign.

How are light box signage’s mounted outdoors?

Light box signage can be mounted outdoors because the back of the sign would have predrilled holes into the back of the frame so that in can be mounted. There will also be special screws and other hardware material that is going to be needed. What will also be needed would be an electrical volt so that the light box signage can get illuminated.

How do outdoor light boxes work?

Outdoor light boxes feature a clear glass or acrylic front panel behind which you will then mount so that your logo can be seen.  A water resistant frame would be holding the panel that will surround the back-lighting source that might be LED lights. Then you would just need to switch the power in order for the light box signage to be illuminated and displayed to the public.

What does outdoor light box signage provide?

Light box signage provides an appealing method of communication to current customers or possible future customers. Light box signs also provide a better way for people to find the business more easily because they will be able to locate it from far away. Light box signs can also be provided in the inside of a business.

Can outdoor light box signage have different names?

Yes, outdoor light box signage can have many different names. Some of the names that are similar to light box signage would be outdoor LED light boxes, LED snap frames, LED light-up displays, and back lit signs.

How are light box signs constructed?

Light boxes are made from enclosed frames that contain an internal lighting. The materials that are used the most would be steel, aluminum, acrylic, and flexible substrate such as Panaflex. Most of the light boxes that are manufactured today have LED lighting.

What are the advantages for light box signs?

Light box signage can have many advantages for you and your business. One of the advantages for light box signs would be the attraction of clients. This would be beneficial because your company can become popular where you will also be recognized. Another advantage for having light box signs would be that it might be unique if your area or location don’t have light box signage. This will catch the peoples eyesight because it will be illuminated making it be viewed differently from the other local businesses. Weather might be a problem for some people when it comes to different type of signage because it might not be protected. With light box signs the LED light would be protected without being damaged by rain, snow, etc.

Is there light box signage for indoors?

Yes, there are light box signs that can go indoors. They will also work the same way as a regular outdoor light box signs. They would be made from the same materials and nothing really changes as how its manufactured.

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