Standoff Display and Signage

What Are Standoffs?

One of the most professional ways to hang a sign in a business setting is to use standoffs. First impressions are important to guests and customers. Having a clean, elegant finish to your sign sends an unspoken message of trust, and pride in what you do.  As a visitor to a restaurant, an office, or a public building, you might not notice exactly how a sign is hanged, but it’s the small details that make all the difference in how a sign looks and feels.

What are standoffs?

Standoffs, also known as standoff screws are a hardware option for hanging a rigid sign by drilled holes. Standoffs attach your sign to the wall, placing a one inch gap between the sign material and the wall. The results are a vibrant and eye-catching display.

Standoffs function as holders, creating a strong rigid mount for any sign. Our standoffs are an amazing brushed, aluminum aluminum that look great with any sign.

Why use standoffs?

There are different ways to hang the sign, however, unlike conventional signage installations, standoffs give your sign a delightful three-dimensional look. With standoffs, your sign stands off from the wall for a spectacular display sure to impress any guest. Standoffs allow your sign to completely leap from the wall.

How standoffs work

A standoff screw is a collection of hardware that combines the standoff mount, screw, washers, and dry-wall anchor. On its own, a standoff screw isn’t very strong, but when multiple standoffs are used together at the corner they can hold a sign in place for years.

To use this simple hanging solution for your needs, the sign requires predrilled holes. You can decide to have holes drilled without buying standoffs if you desire.

The most common arrangement for sign standoffs is to have them placed in the four corners. You can have the standoffs located in the corners and the top & bottom of your sign for support. If your sign is designed with an outline cut, meaning that the shape of the sign is customized, then you can have your standoffs wherever you want.

If you select custom placement in the design tool, you’ll be advised to provide a note describing where you want your holes drilled. Be as precise as you can to guarantee your sign is created the way you desire it. Another alternative is to have your standoffs located at the top and bottom center of your sign or simply the top corners only.

Let’s have a look at some great examples of the finished product:

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