Signage Introduction


Banners are the most versatile outdoor sign and can be hung practically anywhere. They can be any size. They are very enduring and can curl up for easy moving and storage.

Banners can resist both mild and harsh circumstances. Using the hanging accessories (grommets or pole pockets) banners are simple to display and move. Similarly, with all signs, the cost is changed depending on the size of the banner. Banners have a broad price scale.


Aluminum signs are exceptional for outdoor use. They are regularly used in the parking lot. Aluminum signs are hung by using drilled holes and drilling them into a wall or metal pole.


We have a variety of different flags: feather flags, spirit flags, standard flags, etc. Flags are an excellent way to advertise. Feather flags can be installed outside of businesses to gain attention. Standard flags can be attached upon a flagpole or using a PVC pipe.

In comparison to banners, flags are less enduring. They come in small to large sizes. Flags are delicate and can stand mild conditions. Flags can easily be moved and hung somewhere else. Flags price depend on the flag’s type, accessories, and size.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are an excellent and inexpensive method to advertise outdoors, especially in large numbers. They are famous for political campaigns. They are dramatically lightweight. Wire stakes are used for placing them in yards and/or other areas with soft ground. Yard signs can be remodeled to the exact shape of your design, also known as contour cut. Halo cut is yard signs that are cut with a border around your design. They are easily moved from one place to another.

Rigid Plastic

Rigid plastic is alike to yard signs, except that it is made with a stronger and more lasting plastic. Rigid plastic can be cut in different ways including a regular rectangle, halo cut, contour cut, or rounded corners.

They can endure harsh conditions. Rigid plastics are typically hung up utilizing 3M command strips, velcro, zip ties, suction cups, or permanently fixed with screws.


A-frames, sidewalk signs, are used for diverting more traffic to businesses. They are frequently placed outside of the business. The printed sign can be a vinyl decal, a corrugated plastic, or a hard rigid plastic depending on your A-frame type.

High Adhesive Decals

High adhesive decal is one of the most enduring outdoor signage types. Because of their strong adhesive, they can be applied to multiple surfaces such as wood, cement, metal, and even brick. Their ability to adhere to all these surfaces makes them great for outdoor signage. They are generally used in construction, landscape, real-estate, and other outdoor businesses, including fleet vehicles. Come in three various options standard, contour, and halo.

Window Decals

Window decals are specifically what the name suggests—decals for windows. They come in a wide variety from opaque to frosted to clear. Window decals can be placed both inside and outside of the window depending on the use. They are frequently used inside stores and restaurants for advertising.

Pop Up Tents

Pop up tents are one of the larger options and are used essentially outdoors. They are one of the more useful types of signage in that not only is it great advertisement but they provide shade from the sun. Pop up tents are used for sporting events, trade shows, fairs, and other outdoor advertising uses.

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Standoff Display and Signage

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